Singapore Physics Olympiad (SPhO)

What we offer:

Lessons will be conducted by international olympiad medalists from our team.

About SPhO

The Singapore Physics Olympiad, organised by the Ministry of Education, Singapore and the Institute of Physics, Singapore is the most prestigious competition for students in JC or equivalent (JC1 - JC2 / IP5 - IP6). 

Each school is typically only given a limited number of slots. To participate, you may need to clear certain qualification tests within your school before participating in the competition. Do let us know if you need specific support for these as well.

The competition consists of two rounds:

Apart from acting as the preeminent physics competition in Singapore, it also serves as part of the selection process for the national team for the Asian Physics Olympiad and International Physics Olympiad, whose alumni are found in many prestigious institutions around the world such as Cambridge, MIT and Harvard. Y5 Singaporean/PR Gold or Silver medalists (depending on the number that year) are invited to the Singapore Physics Olympiad Training (SPOT) team, typically comprising around 20 to 30 students.