DSA Preparation

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NUS High DSA Selection Test Preparation

As the only math and science focused Integrated Programme (IP) school in Singapore, NUS High School is a highly coveted institution that sees many of its students excel in various national and international competitions. With a small cohort size of around 170, offers are typically made to 10% of applicants or fewer.

The selection process consists of three stages:

NUS High Alumni tutors will be providing guidance and preparation for the selection tests. Do join us for the following sessions:


Math Set A (3 x 2hrs)

14 June, 10am-12pm (Wed) - Math I

15 June, 10am-12pm (Thu)  - Math II

16 June, 10am-12pm (Fri)    - Math III

Science Set A (3 x 2hrs)

14 June, 2-4pm (Wed) - Science I

15 June, 2-4pm (Thu)  - Science II

16 June, 2-4pm (Fri)    - Science III

Math Set B (3 x 2hrs)

19 June, 10am-12pm (Mon) - Math I

20 June, 10am-12pm (Tue)  - Math II

21 June, 10am-12pm (Wed) - Math III

Science Set B (3 x 2hrs)

19 June, 2-4pm (Mon) - Science I

20 June, 2-4pm (Tue)  - Science II

21 June, 2-4pm (Wed) - Science III

Students will be signed up for all lessons for each subject. 

If you would like to know what will be covered in our lessons, some sample questions can be found here.

If you have our notes, the answer key can be found here.

Additional timeslots may be added to accommodate higher demand. Do contact us if you'd like more information about what we offer.

Official information about admissions and important dates can be found at the school's website.