Singapore Physics League (SPhL)

Our team consists of former competition winners, who will be able to guide you in both the physics concepts and competition mechanics and guide your team to victory! We offer:

Although questions seen by students from both Junior and Senior are the same, we we offer different levels of training catered to you or your team's ability.

Our course preparation is also suitable for the Online Physics Brawl (organised by FYKOS), a similar competition that inspired the SPhL. 

About SPhL

As the largest local physics competition, the Singapore Physics League (SPhL) is an online team-based competition organised by former Olympiad participants at both the local and international level. It consists of a Junior section for Sec 1 to 4 students, as well as a senior section for JC students.

Students are take part in groups of up to 5. It is a completely open book competition, where any and all external resources including computational tools for problem solving are allowed. The intention of the competition is to tests students' ability to solve new problems that require large amounts of creative thinking, as well as navigate the various game mechanics.

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