Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad (SJPO)

What we offer:

Our team consists of former medalists, who will be able to guide you in both the physics concepts and competition mechanics and guide your team to victory!

About SJPO

The Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad is the most prestigious physics competition in Singapore for students aged 13 - 16 (Sec 1 - Sec 4/IP1 - IP4). It is supported by the Ministry of Education, Singapore and the Institute of Physics, Singapore, and consists of one round:

Consisting of 50 MCQ questions, each with 5 options, the SJPO is designed to test an individual student's ability to apply physics concepts to solve physics problems in a closed book environment.

Sec 4 / IP 4 Individual Round Gold medalists will be eligible for a selection test for the European Physics Olympiad, which sends 5 students as part of our National Team.